What is The World’s Most Dangerous Drug?

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3 January 2018

By Bronwen


Just kidding. If you didn’t think of love at first, your mind probably went straight to heroin or amphetamines. While these are deeply addictive and deadly, they are not actually the most dangerous. To discover the most dangerous drug, researchers had to define the word ‘danger’. Their interpretation of the word included economic factors, effects on others, crime, degradation to communities and psychological harm. It is not to be confused with how lethal a drug is. Lethal refers to how much of a dose it takes to kill- in which case, the most lethal drug on Earth would be pure Botox which takes only 0.00000007 grams to kill a human.

So what’s the answer? Well let’s just say you’ve probably taken it- it’s alcohol. Alcohol kills one person every ten seconds which equates to 3.3 million people per year. It has long-lasting health effects that can lead to cancers and other conditions, and it has been known to devastate families and communities.

With regard to the drug that is the most harmful on an individual level, the most dangerous drug is heroin. Other common drugs such as tobacco and cannabis were also ranked. Cannabis is the 8th most dangerous and tobacco is the 6th.


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