8 December 2014

By Lauren E. White

Concert Tickets

It has been one long week that has included sickness, exams and monster stress. One thing that didn’t help was the thought of getting concert tickets once the five days spent slaving over random algebra questions and highlighting key quotes from Macbeth was over with.

Just in case you didn’t know because you are in some kind of passive state, on Saturday the biggest boy band on the planet’s (One Direction in case you forgot) On the Road Again 2015 tour’s tickets went on sale. The monster stress experienced earlier on in the week transformed into a beast. Getting concert tickets is like a military operation: three laptops on the Ticket Master website, the phone on a loop ringing Newcastle’s Metro Radio Arena and the irritating shake of your hands when you try to select the Sunday or Monday date you want to see.

The military operation requires skill and patience – of which I have none. After the twenty minutes you spend trying to get the tickets, you are left in a coma-like condition for the remainder of the day whether you got the tickets or not. All in all, the process one must undergo to see their favourite band is completely uncalled for but in the end, I suppose it’s all worth it.

See you next week.


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