13 October 2014

By Lauren E. White


Big or small, tall or short – it seems that someone somewhere will have something to say about it.

This week I’m writing regarding the absurdity of ‘skinny-shaming’ – yes, there is such a thing. I am about one hundred percent done with seeing people on Facebook liking photos claiming that ‘boys like girls with meat on them’ and ‘dogs like bones – not boys’. How in the world is this even acceptable? It shouldn’t be, but for some reason everyone else seems to think it is.

People come in all different shapes and sizes and just a few years ago, everyone was ‘fat-shaming’ people into the likes of anorexia and bulimia. While this still happens, the evil trend now is to bully people into binging and becoming ‘meaty enough’ in order to feel like men will be attracted to them.

Weight has seemingly became a vicious circle. People frowned upon larger women, now people frown upon smaller women – it’s hypocrisy at its finest, ladies and gents. All of the campaigns to ‘love your body’ are plastered with all sorts of different shaped larger women, but none of them are small. The voices of those around us drone on about how it’s awful to ‘fat-shame’, which, of course, I agree with strongly but these voices are making it almost impossible for smaller people to like the way they look.

Larger women have at times felt extremely out of place and the same thing is beginning to happen to smaller women. It needs to be stopped before it’s too late. What was ever wrong with a healthy weight?

Just think about it: this yo-yo of what society accepts is like girls are being played like a game of pinball. Pinged backwards and forwards because nobody can just quite make up their mind on what they think everyone should look like. I’m not sure about you but I prefer happy and healthy over ‘stick-thin’ or ‘a little more booty to hold at night’ any day.

On this rather mellow note, that’s all for this week.

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