Why Trump has finally crossed the line (again)

So this one might come as a surprise, but I think Trump has just crossed the line… again.

This is the line in his presidency, by the way, not just on the whole Trump experience. For me, the crossing of that line happened when he bragged about sexual assault. That will always be the line crossed for me.

But seemingly not for the American people.

They voted for Trump, albeit less than Clinton, in their millions, despite his remarks about grabbing women “by the p***y”.

The line I feel he’s crossed in terms of his presidency is, as you might have guessed, one of his tweets. Oh, you know, the one where he is assaulting a CNN journalist.

Yesterday the President of the United States of America tweeted a fake video in which he is pictured wrestling and assaulting another person, whose face has been covered with the CNN logo.

This video, for me, and the fact he has tweeted it – he being the bloody President of the United States – is too far.

Attacking the media for being ‘fake’ with words is one thing. I believe in calling out the mainstream media when they’re wrong or going against a code of conduct. But I do not believe in calling everything they say ‘fake news’ and offering our own ‘alternative facts’. Why? Because alternative facts are fake news, you absolute buffoon. And that, by the way, is a word I usually reserve for Boris Johnson.

But when Trump is being so childish and deliberately hateful towards a group of people who give the American people their news, he has crossed the line. And the thing is that it’s not just wacky Republican nominee Trump anymore – it’s the President. It is the elected Commander in Chief.

We must remember that the actual Presidet has tweeted violent hatred towards a news organisation. That is not okay.

For me, this is the last straw with Trump in office. What he has done on Twitter is too far and not okay.

I remember only a few weeks ago when he got himself into a right state when a comedian carried a fake decapitated head of him in a photograph. He didn’t like violence then, so why does he like it now?