29 April 2018

By Lauren E. White

ABBA is back, back again!

Amidst all of the chaos of A Levels, some glorious, brilliant news arrived on our phones on Friday: ABBA is coming back. Prepare for a reunion that beats Take That’s with Robbie Williams, because ABBA is something else completely.

ABBA is back, back again. Tell a friend. Though I expect they already know.

The thing about ABBA returning with two songs which will be broadcast during a TV appearance in December is that it literally made everyone feel great. And it got me thinking about the power of music. Yes, even Does Your Mother Know counts as the power of music. (If you’re wondering why, you’ve never lived. What is actually better than listening to that absolute BOP around the house when you’re home alone or blasting it in the shower?)

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Music clearly has the power to reunite a lot of people, seeing as Twitter’s response to the reunion was completely mental. ABBA was trending and us teens were tweeting about a band whose last hit was in November 1980 with ‘Super Trouper’ (which is personally my favourite ABBA song). There’s something about the classic ‘70s and ‘80s music which can bind a whole lot of people together – and it’s truly brilliant. We all sing it, we all dance to it, and we all have a guilty pleasure for it.

For all the things wrong with the world, we can certainly count music as one of the things that makes it right. Let’s be honest, I think we were all happier to hear about ABBA’s reunion than North Korea’s. Sorry not sorry.

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