Marvel Studios has changed the release date for the upcoming Infinity War movie, from May to April. Could it be because of the Han Solo movie in the same month? Who knows. But if there’s one thing we all need, it’s more Avengers.

The news was announced via Twitter, where an exchange between the studio and Robert Downey Jr, requesting that he and his ‘friends’ get to see the movie earlier. They replied:

As far as announcements go, this is one of the more fun ways of getting it done. The movie also removed Avengers from an already packed May. Before the relapse in the date, it would have been host to Avengers, Han Solo, and Deadpool 2.

Infinity War will unite all corners of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. From Guardians of the Galaxy to the recent addition of Black Panther. We’ll see every major hero and one major villain in the upcoming movie. We can’t wait.

It will now arrive 27th April, so be sure to tweak your calendars accordingly.

In more pseudo-Marvel news, Deadpool 2 is shaping up to be something wonderful if the recent trailer is anything to go by. Also, Black Panther was good. Just saying.