Is there any better way to remind the world of the childishness of the European Union than banning the UK from a European that contest that has never required EU membership?

A city in the UK is supposed to win the title in 2023 but as the Tories plough on with the negotiations, it’s seeming less and less likely that the EU will forgive us for our decision to leave. European Commission Director-General for Education and Culture, Martine Reicherts, wrote that after Brexit “the participation of the United Kingdom in the European Capital of Culture action will not be possible”.

In the past, the title of European Capital of Culture has been awarded to cities in Turkey, Iceland and Norway despite none of these countries being in the EU. Worse still is that given the resistance from lobbyists, the UK might not even be fully out of the EU by 2023.

Like many Remoaners, the brains behind this decision clearly cannot distinguish between the EU and Europe. No vote could ever bring Britain out of the continent of Europe. The only way we could ever leave Europe is if every British citizen stood on the Western coast, stuck an oar in the sea and tried to row our island away into the North Atlantic Ocean or if we got a 4,255-mile long rope and asked the Americans to drag us over.

The problem here isn’t the fact we will be missing out on an award- we don’t really need the EU to confirm that Britain has one of the longest and richest cultures of any nation in the world- the issue is that if the Commission is so petty about this, how will they respond to the more serious matters?