Christmas Gift Guide for Her

In the upcoming months, B**P are here to prepare you with everything you could possibly need for the Christmas festivities ahead; from Christmas music to festive food, and all of the shopping goodness that you could ask for. So, let’s begin – if you’ve got a special female in your life that you want to buy for this year, but you’re not too sure what she might like, hopefully one of our suggestions will get you thinking!

Fragrances are the go-to present for any female when you’re unsure what they like. Who doesn’t like to smell great? So, any of the following are likely to be greatly appreciated:

Make-up is another great option, but tends to have to be slightly more catered to the individual. So, we’ve chosen some favourites that will hopefully suit anyone’s style.

Another great option is a pre-made gift box from Lush, containing some festive goodies. Take a look here.

Or, something to help her relax – candles are great, and even better for creating a nice atmosphere too. Yankee Candles do a great selection here.

If it’s your partner that you’re shopping for, you may want to get something that you can both enjoy! Ann Summers do some great underwear here.

If you’re still stuck for ideas, some of the most amazing gifts can be those that are unique, and that come from the heart. So, you may want to reflect on how long you’ve known each other, and think about something really meaningful – you could even make it yourself. Or, if you’re really stuck, this website may help.

Remember, Christmas isn’t all about the gifts. Even if you don’t get exactly what your partner, your friend, or your family may have wanted, they’ll still really appreciate it. It’s the thought that counts… but hopefully we’ll have helped you get that little bit closer!