Commentary: Cash Me Outside Girl

In an effort to stay relevant that would rival even Taylor Swift, Cash Me Outside girl Danielle Bregoli has put her bad attitude, catchy slogan and social media fame to good use and become a rapper. Her first song, These Heaux, was released on the 24th of August under her stage name Bhad Bhabie with the music video following a few days later.

Even though she has had little acting experience, she seems a total natural in front of the camera right from the start. There’s no awkwardness when she steps out of the car and walks towards the camera and her personality shines through even when she’s supposed to be playing the role of her rapper self, Bhad Bhabie. She has her hair the usual red colour but chose to braid the top- something many female rappers including Iggy Azalea and Young M.A do. Her outfit is simple and definitely a little more plain than what people may have expected on her debut music video. If you look closely, you can see her white stiletto nails- again something fairly popular in pop culture. So, she looks like a rapper, but will she sound like a rapper?

The beat of the song shouts out that the track is going to be a more grime style rap song- insulting, boisterous and forceful, and as soon as Bhad Bhabie starts rapping, you can tell it’s a well-matched beat.

Lyrically, it’s not the most intelligent or well thought out song but then again, this is a girl who became famous by mouthing off at Dr Phil.

As she gets into the actual first verse, her performance looks natural and professional (as far as amateur rappers go) but again, the lyrics don’t make a lot of sense:

Look these hoes be fake flossin’

Fake ass jewelry, got a neck rash (eww)

These hoes be fake ballin’

Tax money that she won’t last (bye)


Bhad Bhabie’s rapping voice is pretty much the exact same as her ordinary speaking voice and so the sound of teenage angst is really present throughout.

Over a minute in, Bhabie sneaks in a quick jibe about Kylie Jenner.

In the past, Bregoli has declared that she’d happily fight Kylie and part of the video could spark a glorious celebrity feud.

Bhad Bhabie also seems quite keen to show the haters and the critics that she couldn’t care less about their opinions as she drives past a group of protesters holding signs reading “We won’t catch you outside” and “Mothers opposed to Bhad Bhabie”.

One listen of this song is enough for anyone but being honest, this doesn’t even come close to being a bad rap song. It’s not great but it’s catchy and shows off a lot of personality. 

Regardless of singing ability, the song is now number 1 on Spotify’s US Viral 50- overtaking Taylor Swift’s Look What You Made Me Do– a huge success for anyone’s first song.