After this week’s amber alerts, red alerts, meaning there is a risk to life, have been put in place due to the incoming Storm Emma. Northern UK is all but shut down, with many workplaces and schools being closed due to deep snow.

More than 300 people are still stranded on a motorway in Scotland in freezing temperatures after spending 18 hours in their cars.

The National Grid has also warned that there may not be enough gas to meet demands on Thursday.

The snowfall was only predicted to last until Wednesday at the latest, but as it’s shown, the snow just isn’t stopping. Since the beginning of the week, there has been around 20cm of snowfall all over parts of the UK. The lowest temperature recorded was in Benson, Oxfordshire which recorded a low of -10C, with most places differing from -4C to -7C.

Across the country, more than 20 rail operators are running at a reduced service. In London, Paddington Station was closed for nearly three hours due to the severe weather and in Kent, 50 stations will be shut.

The National Grid has asked suppliers to provide more gas, with the UK being on a six-year high point on Wednesday, coupled with ‘significant supply losses’.

If power cannot be provided, businesses, industry and gas-fired power stations will be asked to use less.

We stressed this in the last two articles we wrote but please stay safe. Snow is thick and with Storm Emma on the way, it’s likely to get worse.

Drive if only absolutely necessary.