About bleedin’ time.

Developer Bohemia released DayZ into Early Access four years ago. It was a buggy, broken and very often boring survival game, based on the popular Arma II mod. After a long time in Alpha and Beta states, the game is finally heading to a full release next year, with the studio claiming it would be the game’s ‘most exciting year’ so far.

In addition to the full release, DayZ will be heading to console too, but it may only be the Xbox One version that’s available for some time, with the PS4 version still in the works.

One of the odd screenshots where the game doesn’t look like a PS2 title.

DayZ has sold more than 3 million copies, which would be impressive if PUBG hadn’t smacked that number out of the park. The game retails at £22.99 and the creator, Dean Hall, left the project in 2014, starting a new studio in New Zealand. So far, however, he hasn’t…really made anything, bar a few games on Steam, but nothing anywhere near the scale of DayZ.

The game itself revolves around survival. Running around towns and wilderness trying not to get eaten by zombies and trying not to get shot by other potentially hostile players.

Passtimes in DayZ include: strolling through abandoned houses, helping out the locals and handcuffing your friends.

The 1.0 update won’t be the end of the support for the game, however. Bohemia has said that they are treating DayZ as a platform that will be supported for ‘as long as it’s viable’.

Will it make the game enjoyable? We don’t know. In the meantime, though, a game that’s been out less than a year is due out for its full release this month! I think you know which one I’ll be playing.