Don’t panic, calm your keyboards.

There was a slight upset yesterday that ran through the players of Friday the 13th: The Game. Developers had reportedly moved some of their employees to work on their next game, Dead Alliance, however, the dev clarified that studios do this all the time. To have everyone working on one thing at once is a potential waste of everyone’s resources. So it makes sense that they would have other projects too because what studio do you know has only ever produced one game?


On Twitter, Illfonic, the developer, said claims that the support for the game was going to end just a month after its launch (and a shaky launch at that) were false.

We can understand the panic, but really guys? Give them a break. It’s difficult to create a game, and at least they tried something. I mean granted, it was a steaming pile of garbage on release but at least they’re still updating and patching the game. The main thing is they are trying to fix it. Oh, and they didn’t lie about the content of the actual game.

Unlike a certain someone.


I got beef still, let me live. 

Hopefully, Friday 13th will be fixed soon, as it looks rather enjoyable with friends.

I stress, with friends.