Inclusion in tech is important and underrated. This story about a racist soap dispenser proves that the technology industry needs to recruit a wide variety of engineers and scientists to make sure no one is excluded. To be successful, products and services need to accessible to men and women of every race, age and ability. That being said, sometimes the tech industry takes inclusion to the next level- to the point where it becomes slightly bizarre.

Despite being asked for by literally nobody, Google has removed the egg slice from its salad emoji to be more inclusive to vegans.

Google employee, Jennifer Daniel, tweeted all about this groundbreaking new endeavour:

You’d have thought that this was the most boring and trivial piece of news but (un?)surprisingly, people have very strong feelings about this, proving the Internet will argue about literally anything.

Animal rights organisation Mercy For Animals posted an article about how significant this slight adjustment to an emoji is for its cause.

“Removing the egg from the salad emoji will hopefully bring us one step closer to dispelling the myth that eating eggs is an innocuous choice,” writes Joe Loria.

Not everyone is so optimistic about the new egg-less salad emoji. True to Internet tradition, the pro-lifers soon emerged to try and make a tenuous connection between an emoji and anti-abortion ideology.

Thanks, Britt. Real hot take there.

So that’s that, the biggest social justice move since Martin Luther King’s I have a dream speech. Bet you’re dying to get to your phone to try out this snazzy new emoji.

Twitter- Google removes the egg slice from its salad emoji and people are really bothered.