Despite receiving criticism over the last 12 months, Nexus has announced that the majority of Metro fares will soon be increasing.

Paper single and day saver tickets will increase by 10p, and all Metrosaver tickets will also face an increase.

Though that may not seem like much, if you travel on the Metro regularly you’ll definitely notice the change.

A four-week pass for all three zones will rise from £71.20 to £73.70, while the equivalent annual pass will go from £625 to £647.

However, it’s good news for under 18s. A new Pop Pay as You Go card for children will be introduced, which means that young people will only pay £1 for a single trip, paying a maximum of £2 regardless of how many journeys are taken that day.

Tobyn Hughes, managing director of Nexus, said:

‘Metro is a publicly owned system that does not make a profit, so we are proposing to re-invest the extra income we expect to earn from this year’s fare review in a cheaper travel offer for young people.

If our proposals are approved, Metro will continue to offer affordable travel around the area in 2018.

Although we plan a modest general fares increase in line with normal practice, anyone who switches to adult Pop Pay As You Go will make bigger savings than ever before compared to paying for paper tickets, and we have kept price increases for season ticket holders to a minimum.’

So, it may not be all that bad.

What do you think?