This is a PSA.

Instagram has been under fire after adding a feature that shows how people have voted on the newest ‘story polls’. Users can use a poll when uploading a story and can now see what their followers choose.

Most users didn’t realise that these votes weren’t anonymous. Instagram has said that their users were warned that their votes would not be anonymous, the first time they engage with a poll. Some people have answered questions like ‘do you think I look cute?’ or ‘do you like my art?’. Obviously, people were a bit miffed:

Twitter has a similar feature but does not share how people have voted.

Instagram, in a statement, said:

‘We love how the community is embracing the poll sticker to get their friends and followers’ opinions. The first time a user sees the poll sticker, they see a notification informing them that the story creator will be able to see how they voted.’

Bottom line, don’t vote in the polls. It’ll show how basic you are.