Jake Paul Sued for Prank

YouTubers are probably some of the more annoying people we have to report on.

From PewDiePie dropping the n-word to this b**phole.

Jake Paul, if you didn’t know, has one talent. In the same vein as Kim Kardashian has one talent. He’s famous. That’s it. He’s rich, privileged and pulls pranks on the public because that’s what YouTube classifies as content these days.

The 20-year-old decided to ‘pimp out’ his car, to make his car horn incredibly loud. US site TMZ has reported that a member of the public is suing after permanently damaging his hearing and leaving him in ‘emotional distress’. The video was watched more than 7 million times but seems to have been taken down.

The video shows Jake Paul and his friends going around LA scaring people, mostly young girls, with the car horn.

The guy is something of a meme at this point, with his um…’music’ video being referenced a number of times by popular YouTuber H3H3 and ripped into by a number of people on the site.

Que the eye roll.