You may not remember it, but Lord of the Rings had a bunch of games and stuff related to it, from the recent Shadow of Mordor game to the upcoming sequel for said title, to the early stages with The Fellowship of the Ring on PS1. Gah, the memories.


But one game you may not have played, LOTR Online, turned 10 years old this week, as you probably guessed by the title of this article. It was an okay MMORPG, one that built upon the lore of the world, and did the tried thing of just plopping you into a world full of quests and such.

It was okay for a little bit. I remember playing for maybe five hours at most, and it was generally standard MMO stuff. Go over here, collect ten bear hides, go over here, stab this dude with your level one iron dagger, return for swanky looking pants. But, for early or recent adopters of the game, the game is offering a few rewards for sticking with them all these years. (I have to be honest, I thought the game had gone bust.)

If you’ve had the game for more than a year, you get a character portrait frame, and some fireworks. Veteran players (the ones who have been there since the beginning) will get a ten year character portrait, and Dragon Fireworks, which will be permanently available. They will also get a 10-year token that can be traded for a cosmetic trait.


You can still claim your gifts if you haven’t played in a while, even after the event ends.

The quests you can get for the Anniversary Festival are available in Hobbiton, at the party tree.

I think I’m still bitter about the fact I paid full price for the game, then it went free to play.

Oh well.

Merry anniversary!