Netflix is seeing the return of Luke Cage in 2018. Entertainment Weekly showed a new image of the power man himself, with his best mate Misty Knight, with some new cybernetic appendages.

After the events of The Defenders Knight lost an arm, but that doesn’t seem to be a problem anymore, what with Danny Rand’s connections. Who the connections were with we’re unsure if it’s Stark Industries or someone else. Those who are a bit more comic savvy will know Misty has a bionic arm in the comics, made by Stark and grants her superhuman strength, along with being able to fire projectiles from it.

In other Marvel show news, The Punisher spin-off show will be airing very soon if the trailer is anything to go on. The show will centre around one of Marvel’s most controversial anti-heroes, Frank Castle, who will be played by Jon Bernthal. Excited as all heck for that. Hopefully, it’ll break the mould that the shows have so comfortably set themselves in.

We’re hoping it’s better than Iron Fist.

The villains in the second season of Luke Cage have been announced and will be Nightshade and Bushmaster.

And of course, all the other shows owned by Marvel will be getting new seasons too, fear not.