You know those tiny little flesh-coloured bumps that aren’t really spots but still kinda are? Well, all they are is clogged pores and you’ll be pleased to know there are a million ways to resolve this to get smooth skin. They are most common on your forehead and chin and both genders can suffer from this harmless yet irritating condition. What’s important to mention is that everyone’s skin is different and everyone gets these spots for different reasons so there’s no single cure that will work for everyone. First, you’ll need to work out what could be causing it. Things like sunscreen, foundation, moisturiser, oil and even having hair covering your forehead can be the culprit. Of course, you don’t have to chop your hair off or stop wearing makeup- there are some small changes you can make for effective treatment.  

1- Use an anti-dandruff shampoo. These spots are caused by a similar type of fungus that gives you dandruff and therefore the products in the shampoo have the same effect on spots as on dandruff. Many people that use anti-dandruff shampoos that also suffer from acne often report finding an improvement in acne since using the shampoo.

2- Don’t overwash your face on a morning. Over washing can sometimes be as detrimental as under washing. If you take too much of the natural oils off your face, your skin will just keep producing it in excess.

3- Wash your face twice at night. I know I just told you not to over do the face washing but that only applies to the mornings. Double washing means washing your face twice in a row with an oil-based face wash. This will give you a deeper cleanse and leave your face completely clean overnight. 

4- Exfoliate to help properly remove dead skin cells and waterproof products like foundation. As their name suggests, waterproof products are resistant to water and are therefore very difficult to fully clean. Deep cleaning methods like exfoliation should help to rid your pores of excess dirt.

5- If you have dry skin, try moisturising but if your skin isn’t excessively dry, moisturising can actually clog your pores and cause more harm than good. You could try using a hydrator rather than a moisturiser.

6- Reduce your sugar and dairy intake. The sugars found in dairy (lactose) can cause this kind of skin rash so try to cut these kinds of foods out for some time to see if that’s the issue. This type of skin rash can sometimes be indicative of gluten intolerance, so if nothing seems to work for you, it could be cutting gluten out of your diet to see if that makes a difference.

7- Don’t overload your face with oils and creams. For some people, things like coconut oil can work miracles but for others, it will make your skin ten times worse. If you hear about a new cream or oil, try it on a small patch of skin first in case your skin doesn’t react well to it.

Once you find the skin care ritual that works for you, your skin should clear up in about 2-3 weeks. What many people forget is that once these spots are gone, they’re not gone forever. You need to maintain the routine in order to keep clear skin.