Midweek Blues

Disney is giving back to its fans after the success of Black Panther by donating $1 million (£718,000) to charity. The money will go to the Boys and Girls Clubs of America to develop science, technology, engineering and math programmes.

It makes sense given that the movie is centred around advancing technology. This started as the Black Panther challenge, which raised money for underprivileged kids to see the movie. Frederick Joseph started the campaign, which was then supported by Ellen DeGeneres, so the children from the Boys and Girls Club in Harlem got to see the film.

Which is dang neat I would say.

Back in the UK however, artist Tinie Tempah rented out London’s Peckham Plex cinema for children of similar backgrounds to him.

The British artist said on Twitter:

‘Growing up I didn’t see many films where the protagonists were the same skin tone as me especially, a superhero movie.’

Well, ain’t that just swell?

Disney is no stranger to charity work. In 2016, an estimated $400m was spent on charitable causes.

Black Panther was a really good film too by the way. Just saying. So good, in fact, it’s been at the top of Charts and That’s movie list two weeks in a row.