Movies This Month

Better late than never eh? Yes, this month we have the likes of Black Panther, Cloverfield and even a Peter Rabbit reboot.

Starting chronologically, what’s coming to theatres on 9th February?

For starters, we have the panned Fifty Shades Freed movie, the last instalment in the Fifty Shades series. Thank heavens. Watch as two actors with zero chemistry try to muster some form of chemistry. Expect tedious plotlines, mediocre acting and sex scenes your nan could write better.

On a slightly lighter note, we have Peter Rabbit loosely based on the classic books written by Beatrix Potter. If you can stand James Corden’s voice, it might be okay. It seems to be more of a ‘shove character into modern setting’ than recreating the books. If you have kids you need to keep quiet for an afternoon, this might be your ticket.

Apart from those two, the only other big movie to see this month would be Black Panther. Critics have been singing its praises since the premiere last week. Black Panther hits theatres on 16th February and we cannot wait to see Chadwick Boseman kicking ass as our favourite cat clad hero.

An honourable mention also comes from Netflix, with the release of the newest Cloverfield tie-in. It looks neat and if Netflix’s track record is to be believed, probably worth a watch.

No games this month either, simply since there aren’t any.

See you all next month!