More figures released by the Health and Social Care Information Centre have revealed that drinking amongst teenagers is more prevalent in the North East than in any other region, raising concerns with many alcohol support groups throughout the area.

The Centre’s figures, part of a study of 100,000 teenagers all over the country, have shown that the percentage of 15-year-olds drinking every week is the highest in the country. Every area in the Tyne and Wear region was above the national average of teenagers drinking weekly of 6.2%.

The director of the North East’s alcohol office Balance Colin Shevills said that the figures were “clearly worrying”, with the government’s Chief Medical Officer stating that it is “best” for young people to have an alcohol-free childhood.

Elaine Hindal, the chief executive of Drinkaware, said that young people will be under greater pressure to drink at Christmas, and that parents should have an “alcohol chat” with their children at this time of year.