This week, we saw a ‘beef’ that we had no idea could exist. No, we aren’t talking about Drake. We’re talking about Poundland and Thameslink. It came about as one disgruntled user tweeted Thameslink.

In an attempt to be quirky and ‘personable’, it replied:

‘Very sorry Kevin. Appreciate at the moment the service is less Ferrero Rocher and more Poundland cooking chocolate.

We are working out [how] best to help stabilise the service.’

Way to throw out the tea there Thameslink.

Poundland, a bit miffed about the whole thing, stated on Twitter:

The tweet references the changes to timetables, cancelling hundreds of services and even blaming a dog on the line for the delays. Then the slam dunk:

‘Frankly, you have no right to use our name to describe poor service. We served 8 million shoppers last week and didn’t have to close any store due to leaves on the roof, the wrong kind of rain, or a shortage of managers.’

Oh dang. Thameslink got dunked on. Hard.

The offending tweet by Thameslink was then removed, by Neil, who created it in the first place. He sent an official apology, stating:

Poor Neil.