Radio Station Review: LBC

I know, I know. People under the age of about 40 don’t really bother with the radio anymore and neither did I until I discovered LBC a few weeks ago. LBC stands for Leading Britain’s Conversation and to put it simply, that’s what they do. Each host will discuss a few topics on their show and anyone can call in and contribute. Some of the hosts are very high profile too – regular hosts include Iain Dale, Nick Ferrari and Nigel Farage. Oh, and let’s not forget Katie Hopkins. It’s great to hear ordinary members of the public call the show and debate or share their own stories with the presenters and sometimes give them a run for their money.

The reason LBC is such a great radio station is because the hosts are allowed to talk about things that would never be allowed on mainstream radio stations. It’s where Britain’s taboos and unpopular opinions are aired in the open in a critical yet open minded way. For example, recent topics of discussion included:

Why do Muslim refugees come to Christian countries?

Maddie McCann was left to be found.

Nurses using food banks is fake news.

Immigrants are making Europe less tolerant.

Where else would these discussions be allowed? You won’t agree with everything that is said by both presenters and callers on this show but it does answer some questions that you wouldn’t dare to ask.

Over the next few weeks, they’ll be interviewing each of the party leaders on the run up to the General Election. They’ve already spoken with Theresa May, who gave a surprisingly natural and clever interview in which the words “strong” and “stable” didn’t come up once. If you’d like to watch this interview, you can find it on the LBC website or down below:

The host is Nick Ferrari, who is one of the UK’s toughest interviewers, and he did not allow the Prime Minister any slack during this brief interview.

If you’re interested in keeping up to date with the General Election and other affairs, LBC is a great way to do so.