A number of law students have been removed from the University of Exeter over racism allegations. An internal investigation was launched in March after ‘vile’ comments from Bracton law society’s WhatsApp group were shared on social media.

Those involved received expulsions and other sanctions according to an email sent to staff and students. A university spokesman said that outcomes could be up for appeal.

The messages were shared over 2,000 times and were revealed by a student.

When the investigation was launched, one of the students involved apologised for his comments stating:

‘I will not attempt to excuse and deny any of the statements I have made. The comments, which I shall not repeat, are inexcusable and undeniably wrong. I would like to make it publicly known that I do not honestly believe any of the things I have said.’

Vice-Chancellor Professor Sir Steve Smith stated that there was ‘no place’ for ‘unacceptable racist, sexist and bigoted behaviour’.

Arsalan Motavali, the person who revealed these messages, stated that the investigation was ‘handled well’.


George Trotter, the president of the African-Caribbean society said the university’s actions were a ‘good start’ and there was a ‘positive intention’ to make some long-term changes. He also stated that social media played an ‘important’ role in allowing students to talk about the comments.