Since all the news is talking about is what happened at the Oscars, let’s go through some of the highlights…

You’ll have heard about the big mistake with the Best Picture award. Oh, you know, the one that is what the whole event builds up to.

Basically, the La La Land team was slap bang in the middle of their acceptance speech when it was announced there had been a mistake and Moonlight had actually won. This, of course, prompted widespread shock and (although you couldn’t see it) disappointment for the stars of La La Land. Maybe not for Ryan Gosling, though…


What hasn’t been publicised as much, though, is the Lifetime Achievement award given to Jackie Chan who won his first Oscar last year. Chan, who brought two stuffed pandas as his Oscars dates (see below), was delighted – and shocked – when walking to the Vanity Fair after party with his award.


And not to forget a monumental achievement for Viola Davis who became the first black actor to win an Emmy, Tony and an Oscar. Whoopi Goldberg is not forgotten here as she won her Tony for producing. Davis won her Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in Fences alongside Denzel Washington. In her passionate acceptance speech, she expressed her pride for being a part of the arts, saying: “We are the only profession which celebrates what it means to live a life.”

viola davis

Well, what an Oscars that was. Congratulations to the winners – a full (and correct) list of them can be found here.