TV Review: Victoria

Sunday night’s sixth episode of Victoria on ITV was a mixed bag according to both critics and viewers.

The episode saw Queen Victoria (Jenna Coleman) and her new husband Prince Albert (Tom Hughes) get to grips with married life and the twist on theirs: royalty. As expected, the monarch and Albert struggle with marriage and the pair argue over an allowance and particularly Albert’s role in Britain.

Perhaps what led to disappointment was the lack of Lord Melbourne, Queen Victoria’s confidante and, if you ask me, true love. Writer Daisy Goodwin is still failing to make viewers believe in the monarch and her husband’s love – if only Jenna Coleman’s stellar acting was enough to make the audience believe, we’d all be convinced.

Unlike any previous episode, its focus was on Tom Hughes’s Albert. We saw him deliver a speech on slavery and its cruelty to those involved in an attempt to craft his character as noble and admirable. It worked… to an extent.

After an underwhelming episode six, we’re waiting for next week when we hope we’re blessed with Rufus Sewell’s Lord M.