We Feel You, John Kelly

Trump’s tweets are often something that crops up in the news these days. Whether its rantings about Syria he made five years ago or failing to say a word on Martin Luther King Day, he’s often got his hand on someone’s button. This time, however, it’s just funny.

On 12th April, the president showed an image that shared him and a bunch of state representatives, discussing the on-going trade war with China. The tweet read:

‘Just had an Agricultural Roundtable with members of Congress and Governors. I will be making remarks of the large-scale TAX CUTS given to American families and workers at 1:45 pm from the Rose Garden.’

He has since deleted the tweet. But just have a look at the image:

Did you spot it?

Yep, that is the President’s Chief of Staff facepalming the hell out of this meeting. This isn’t the first time the man has been photographed in despair over the president, however. Obviously, Twitter found out so it’s John Kelly memes for the next 24 hours before the format dies.

Kelly has held the position since 31st July 2017 and served as Secretary of Homeland Security beforehand. We’re going to hazard a guess and say he maybe should’ve suck to security. Just a thought.

Poor sod.