Everybody loves a good meat eater vs vegan feud and you never usually have to look very far to be able to find one. Last week it was McDonald’s that has flared the vegan debate up again. The restaurant has created the McVegan- a completely vegan burger that is being trialled in Finland from the 4th of October to the 21st of November. As normal, the meat eaters are a little troubled by this.

However, the loudest outcry is coming from the vegans themselves; they can’t quite seem to work out whether they like the concept of the McVegan or not. The response seems about 50:50- on one hand, they acknowledge that the burger will make veganism more accessible to people but on the other hand, they argue that you go vegan to oppose capitalism and corporations like McDonald’s. In short, no one knows whether they fully support it or not.

The more hardcore vegans make it very clear that they condemn McDonald’s and anything that it does.


The more reasonable vegans focus more on the accessibility side of the debate.

McDonald’s offering a low-cost meal that caters to specialist diets is a great step in the right direction for everyone. So many diets and trends rely heavily on how much time and money an individual has. In previous years, if you wanted to go out for a vegan meal, you had to pay huge amounts of money in fancy vegan restaurants or make do with only one or two options on most menus. Even in the home, the ability to cook completely animal product free meals depended on how many hours you were prepared to stand and spiralize zucchinis for.

Anyway, the McVegan is only being trialled- it might never actually become a permanent item on the menu so until we hear the final verdict, it isn’t worth starting beef over.