British Bobsleigh is set to withdraw its funding for the women’s team, just five months before the winter Olympics. One of the top female drivers has spoken about her reaction.

Mica McNeill said she was ‘gutted and shocked’ to be told by her bosses that there was no more money to spend on the team due to ‘overspending’. The ‘crisis’ extends only to the women’s teams, however, as the British Bobsleigh and Skeleton Association remains the best-funded winter sports body. It still intends to keep funding its three men’s teams.

It is now uncertain whether Team GB will even turn up at the winter games for bobsledding. The BBSA said in a statement:

‘The GB Bobsleigh programme is currently focusing resources on winning medals at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang. We are actively seeking commercial funding to further support our world-class programme and we will continue to do so.’

McNeill and the athletes hoping to be her partner are currently hoping to raise around £30,000 to fund themselves. It’s still a bit shifty considering that the BBSA continue to fund the male teams. But that’s none of my business.

Meaning it totally is my business.

The BBSA has been in somewhat of a slump of upset athletes recently, with many complaining of a ‘toxic atmosphere’. A review was launched into allegations of bullying, sexism and racism.

McNeill finished by saying:

‘From the outside, it looks like a mess, but everyone is still giving it their all and training just as hard and still has their eye on the prize, and I believe the staff that are left can pull it back and put it back together.’

The Winter Olympics start on 9th February and continue until the 25th of that month.

Let’s hope we see the women’s team there.