Growing Up

On almost every evening last week, we would all see around six girls in front of a limousine and then some additional photos of them inside of their glamorous vehicle plastered across social media. Then, we’d see photos of the boys (or ‘LADS’, as they put it) with their hair styled like Jedward and dressed as though they were either attending a funeral or a wedding – there’s no in between. All cynicism aside, the Prom 2015 photos are almost heart-warming to see, but particularly frightening to most of us in Year 10.

Prom is the celebration of the end of your compulsory education and has became a milestone in many lives of both young men and women – it is the night that they dream of. And, next year, we’ll be celebrating just that. Next year, that night will probably be the last night when most of the people you have grown with are all gathered together for the final time. Isn’t that horrifying?

Growing up is something that all of us want, there’s no denying it, but it is also something that, I find, can paralyse you with fear. While I will be (hopefully) continuing my studies for another five years, it’s still pretty unnerving thinking about it. The future is closer than we all think and sooner or later, we’ll be sitting at those wooden tables in the hall staring at a booklet that could decide – what feels ┬álike – our whole future. Then, we’ll have our Prom and ten years later, we’ll be looking back, longing to return to the Year 10 days.

Another thing that is particularly frightening is this: #YEAR10PROBLEMS won’t be that anymore. It’ll be ‘#YEAR11PROBLEMS’. Yikes.

Time flies when you’re studying hard…