Taking time for yourself

It’s the Easter holidays! Two weeks of revision and doing all of those essays…

Although there is so much work to do and two weeks still doesn’t seem like enough time to get it done in, there has to be a little time for yourself.

By this, I don’t mean having one whole week off to sleep and watch Netflix. That’s not productive and if you’re after good grades in exams, it won’t do much good. What I mean is working for an hour or so, then having a break. Breaks shouldn’t last over ten minutes (unless it’s lunch time or tea time) and you will benefit from making yourself a cup of tea, coffee or a soft drink. A snack to keep you going is also a good idea.

Taking time for yourself also means stopping working at a certain time. I always try to finish working at nine o’clock but after the holidays I will stop at eight in order to make sure I get appropriate rest before exams. It’s important to take time after a hard day of work to read, watch TV or films or do things that you enjoy.

Enjoy your holidays and have a nice Easter if you celebrate.