We’ve got no snow

It says something when Newcastle and Gateshead have missed out on the serious snow. Well, when the rest of the country is shutting down schools and suspending flights, anyway.

There’s a light covering in some areas, but other than that, we’ve got nothing. Saying that, though, we did have quite a bit of snow a couple of weeks ago for a two-day special. No national news stations sent out reporters, though. But what’s new?

While I don’t wish for snow to come as I know it disrupts a lot for a lot of people, I do kind of wish we had some. It is Christmas after all. How come the one time I’m feeling the Christmas vibe we miss out on the most Christmassy thing ever?

Anyway, even if the northeast was covered in snow, we wouldn’t be moaning about it. Once again we’d put our ‘big’ coats on and walk to school, drive to work and go about our daily lives while southerners are none the wiser. Because hysteria is not really how we work up here. It would take one hell of a snowfall to stop us from going anywhere. Take note if you’re in the south.

Happy Monday, snowless Gateshead and Newcastle. At least we can amuse ourselves with looking at southerners frantically de-icing their cars, screaming in anxiety about how they’re going to cope.