In case you didn’t know, YouTube suck at doing their job of regulating videos, due to the recent content released by Logan Paul.

The firm released a statement on Twitter, communicating the fact they had been listening to the community, acknowledging the fact they had taken a long time to respond. YouTube said it was ‘upset by the video’ and that ‘suicide is not a joke’.

The rundown is that this b**pstck:


Uploaded a video from his visit to Japan. He went to the infamous Aokigahara forest, at the base of Mount Fuji. It is known to be a frequent site of suicides. It was uploaded to his channel and had millions of views before it was taken down. He made a vomit inducing apology video, in which he said he was ‘misguided’.

Despite the fact other reports from the people there say he was practically giddy when he found the body.

The video circulated in millions of so called ‘Trending’ spaces on YouTube. The reason people are so annoyed, and rightly so, is that this video wasn’t stopped immediately before it went online. For those who don’t know, YouTube use an algorithm (a terrible one) to determine if videos are suitable for ads.

Let’s not forget the time he yelled the N word on YouTube Live.

They will be flagged and it is up to the creator to fix the video.

Certain companies, particularly games companies, throw out copyright bans to littler channels while tending to have their favourites. For ages, PewDiePie got away with basically everything, beacsue he was one of YouTube’s golden boys.

Him, ProSyndicate, Jake Paul and now Logan Paul.

Yes, they are related.

In future, we hope that this never happens again and that YouTube actually respond to stuff like this at the source.

Suicide should never be the focus of a video, especially one including Logan Paul.

I wish Vine was still alive. They would have stayed there and off of YouTube.