12 Lists of Christmas: Top Ten Villains of the Year

8 December 2021

By Lauren E. White

2021 has been full of villains, some worse than others. So here, we break them all down for you, from the bad eggs to the very bad eggs.

10. James Corden


The general distaste in the air for James Corden has prevailed in 2021. There’s no real reason for this dislike, but it’s a thing.

9. Jake Paul


You’d be hard pushed to find anyone who actually likes YouTube boxer Jake Paul.

After faking flirty DMs from Fiat 500’s beloved Molly-Mae, fellow loved-by-Fiat-500s Tommy Fury finally agreed to fight him.

We are on the side of the Fiat 500s, obviously.

8. Chrissy Teigen


When you look up ‘problematic’ in the Dictionary, Chrissy Teigen appears.

This year it was revealed that, as a fully grown adult, she had sent a death threat to then-16-year-old Courtney Stodden.

7. Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan would love being on a villains list, and would probably take offence at how low he’s scored. But them’s the rules, unfortunately.

After weather presenter Alex Beresford served up a storm following Piers’ controversial comments on Meghan Markle’s mental health, he stomped off set in a rage. And he never returned for another show.

6. Ellen Degeneres


Oh how the mighty have fallen.

Ellen Degeneres was once an icon of TV.  However, after allegations of a “toxic workplace” on the set of her eponymous chat show, Degeneres apologised and has sort of been in hiding since.

The show will end next year, and the Internet really has cancelled her.

5. Jamie Spears


Although Britney says she can’t believe her father is clever enough to think of placing her in a conservatorship, it is her father who did such a thing regardless.

Fans of the star had long believed her dad was profiting off of her mental health struggles, and Britney even said he should be jailed in the dramatic court call she did this year.

Now she’s free, Mr Spears’ reputation is in tatters.

4. Nicki Minaj


I don’t have it in my heart to call Jesy a villain, but Nicki Minaj? Yeah, I do.

She makes it on this list because of her Instagram live with Jesy Nelson where she absolutely ripped into Little Mix, including precious Leigh-Anne Pinnock. Just after Leigh had given birth to twins.

Sorry, but there’s no doing Little Mix dirty here. And as for Boyz – what an utterly crap song.

3. Prince Andrew


Ever since Prince Andrew’s friendship with sexual predator Jeffrey Epstein was put under the microscope, he has lived in disgrace.

This year, the woman who accused him of sexually assaulting her, has filed a lawsuit which the Prince has to answer. And he did answer eventually. Even if he might have been hiding on the Queen’s Windsor estate as speculated.

2. Mark Zuckerberg


When people say they are concerned about robots taking control of the world, I wonder if they have ever seen Mark Zuckerberg. The man is chilling.

His plans for a Facebook virtual world (or ‘metaverse’) sound terrifying, and are wanted by absolutely nobody other than the power crazy.

But after a whistleblower came forward and accused Instagram (which Zuckerberg also runs) of prioritising profit over the mental health of its users, it’s hard not to see this man as one of many tech villains.

1. Matt Hancock

Of course, of all the villains this year, Mr Matt Hancock tops the list. He spent many months telling us not to see our families, all the while he was betraying his own – and not even trying hard to cover it up. At least we have spared you the painful snog-and-a-grope footage.

A hypocrite of the highest order, this one’s for you, Matt. Merry Christmas.

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