50 Forgotten Places to Look When You Lose Something

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4 September 2019

By Bronwen

Most of the time, when you lose something it’s normally found in an obvious place after about five minutes of looking. However, every now and then, we all lose something and it is absolutely nowhere to be found.

When we do find it, it’s almost like a ghost has moved it somewhere completely random – like inside the oven or the bottom of your shoe. Here are the places you’re likely to have forgotten to check when something you’re looking for seems to have completely vanished off the face of the Earth:

1). Your car door.

2). The coffee shop you were just at.

3). In your coat pockets.

4). Inside your jean pockets.

5). Down the side of your sofa/chair/car seat.

6). Underneath a pile of papers you moved.

7). Under furniture.

8). Down the side of the bed.

9). Behind the drawer inside a chest of drawers.

10). Under your pet.

11). In your work bag.

12). In the scan part of the printer.

13). Inside a notebook/folder.

14). In the washing machine/laundry basket.

15). Among your kid’s toys/papers.

16). In your gym bag.

17). Behind books on a shelf.

18). Notice board.

19). Your desk at work.

20). Behind the toaster.

21). On a chair tucked under a table.

22). In the bin.

23). Under your coat.

24). Plugged into the wall.

25). In the recycling pile.

26). In the fruit bowl.


27). In your pen holder.

28). Crumpled in a load of receipts.

29). By the front door.

30). By the back door.

31). In your hand.

32). In your pocket.

33). Around your neck.

34). In a suitcase.

35). In a loose change jar.

36). Your dog’s mouth.

37). On top of the fridge.

38). On top of your cupboard/wardrobe.

39). Behind the curtains.

40). In a pile of unopened letters.

41). In your underwear drawer.

42). On the bottom of your wardrobe.

43). Behind the microwave.

44). In the tool box.

45). Underneath a pile of dirty washing.

46). In a plastic bag amongst a pile of plastic bags.

47). In a safe.

48). Down a crack in the floor.

49). On your old laptop.

50). In your bathroom cabinet.

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