We are absolutely in love with Bieber’s new album, Purpose. It’s such a comeback for the 21-year-old star and it is safe to say, he has finally – at LONG last  – found his style. And this style suits him perfectly – it’s edgy, unique and infectious. It seems he has transitioned from cheesy teen popstar to a mature adult artist.

With the help of Skrillex and some other musical geniuses, he has released an album that is full of stunning music. As a result, it’s not just thirteen-year olds that can confess their love for him – it’s everyone.

Our top tracks on the album are ‘Sorry’, ‘What Do You Mean?’ and ‘Children’. The vocals and the catchy music and upbeat instrumentals make it impossible to dislike. The only thing we’re not so sure about is the amount of ‘confessional’ tracks. Justin really pours his heart out into many personal songs that make it difficult for those who aren’t hard core “beliebers” to interpret.

We give this album 4.8/5 stars.