It seems that Kanye West has changed his mind (for now at least!) and has released his latest album The Life Of Pablo on streaming services other than Tidal. Kanye is a notorious perfectionist: once, he even claimed to have spent 10,000 hours on a single song. However, The Life Of Pablo could be seen to be him finally accepting that not everything has to be perfect. The album’s cover is jokingly organised and the album had a messy release, complete with changes to its name, release date and track list. This messiness somewhat carries over to the music itself.

Saying that, the album is very good, and, of course, it is very Kanye. There are good tracks: ‘Famous’, ‘FML’, ‘Real Friends’ and ‘No More Parties in LA’ to name a few. But there are moments which make you question Kanye: some of his lyrics are unashamedly misogynistic while some songs, such as ‘Wolves’ sound slightly messy. Either way, Kanye doesn’t seem to care any more; he seems to be taking everything a lot less seriously. He even is able to poke fun at himself in his track ‘I Love Kanye’, which is as funny as the title.

You can stream the whole album here on Spotify.