An Introduction to Angele

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31 August 2023

By Louis

Angele is deconstructing the barriers in the French Music Industry. When she isn’t addressing a sexist society with hit songs like “Balance ton quoi”, this Belgian artist is producing catchy tunes. As a result, she has caught the attention of Francophone (French-speaking) youth, helping to push through an English-speaking-dominated industry and a French national-dominated musical culture. Likened with other industry-breaking artists such as Stromae, she has received universal recognition. 

Her very first album, Brol, drove her to massive popularity with a million copies in 2018. 

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The rise of a new wave of feminism that had sprouted from increased social networking known as 4th wave feminism was early on supported by Angele. It inspired thousands across her home country and the francophone world. The music video “Balance ton Quoi ” was a catalyst. It was a narrative – tired of being polite to achieve equal rights, saying “Let me sing to you, you can go and….” and it achieved exactly that. It was clear in 2018 when there were chants of “Balance ton quoi” in the streets during the #metoo movement that it had reached the masses. With around 112 million views on Youtube, “Control your Meat” as it is in English helped bring this feminist movement into the view of mainstream media. 

On the 26th of November, she is releasing her Netflix documentary on her rise to stardom and her experience with the double-edged sword that is the media. It is clear that from her own life and music, Angele is an essential role model for many around the world as she breaks through a bigoted industry. 

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