Baring All

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4 February 2014

By Lauren H

For all the eager fans of Made In Chelsea, I’m sure you will be pleased to know that Lucy Watson is stripping down naked for charity.

The loud-mouthed star of the hit TV show is the latest celebrity to join in with the campaign, following in the footsteps of the likes of Gemma Collins and Alexandra Burke.

Animal rights group, PETA, work to promote the protection of all animals and certainly do this in a way that grabs attention. They also conduct research, have special events with celebrity involvement and protest campaigns, in order to get their point across – that any harm to animals is cruel and wrong.

Lucy Watson, who is not afraid to strip down to her underwear on Made In Chelsea either, tweeted about her achievement, saying, “So, this happened. I would rather go naked than wear fur! Take note people”, along with a shot of her standing next to her campaign photo in London. The billboard is now towering over West London with this clear message in the clear sight of thousands of people.

But the question is – would you rather go naked than wear fur?



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