Best Book Series: Twilight

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1 November 2023

By NEBeep

Whilst for some, this might seem like a fairly controversial choice, the incredible popularity that the Twilight saga (both films and books) has had over the years means that it has to feature somewhere on our list!

Protagonist Bella moves to a new city, where she falls in love with a gorgeous yet mysterious boy who turns out to be a vampire. Some critics have complained that the books show Bella to be a weak everywoman and Edward – the male lead – to be controlling and jealous. However, the action-packed stories have enough romance and action to keep most young teens and adults fairly interested.

The story is clearly written and simply explained, so it’s a great and easy-to-follow romp for anyone who wants some light reading matter.

Series list

Twilight (2005)

New Moon (2006)

Eclipse (2007)

Breaking Dawn (2008)


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