Book Review: The Bunker Diary

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6 June 2023

By Matilda

The Bunker Diary is written by British author Kevin Brooks. It was published in 2013. Many people wanted it banned for its disturbing themes and dark plot. However, in 2014 it won the Carnegie Medal.


We follow 16-year-old Linnus as he writes about his experience in a diary. One day he was walking along the street and saw a blind man trying to put a suitcase in a car. He decides to help when suddenly the man puts a cloth over his face and he passes out. Linnus wakes up in a wheelchair in a bunker. There are no light switches, a bathroom, six bedrooms, six sets of plastic cutlery and one lift with no buttons. Soon more people arrive; a nine-year-old girl called Jenny, a well-spoken woman called Anja, a strong drug addict called Fred, a fat, a mean man called Mr Bird and a wise old man called Russel. Together they do everything they can to escape.

Final thoughts

Overall, this book was extremely disturbing. It was hard to read because of this but it was also impossible to put down at the same time! It is one of those books that you can love but can also hate.  If you are disturbed, traumatised or scared easily, don’t read this book. But if you aren’t, give it a read. It’s an amazing, thought-provoking book.

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