Britain Votes Leave

With months of campaigning finally over and Britain returned from the polls, the European Union referendum results are almost certainly confirmed.

Britain has voted to leave the EU with 48.3% of the vote for Remain and 51.7% for Leave. This means that, as he has promised, the Prime Minister David Cameron will adhere to the country’s choice and formally withdraw our membership of the European Union.

There will now be much speculation on the future of our country, with those who urged voters to remain claiming that Britain will suffer economically and job losses will ensue. However, for those who persuaded the majority to leave, this result will mean freedom for our country and further prosperity for Britain.

Of course, the future of Britain is not the only thing that will be speculated on in the coming weeks. David Cameron’s future will also be questioned by Parliament and Conservative MPs. Ultimately, it could result in a replacement for the Prime Minister, despite his pledge to remain in the job no matter what the result. While 86 Tory MPs signed a letter pledging to support Mr Cameron regardless of a ‘Brexit’, it is looking unlikely that he will remain our leader by the end of this year.

Now, Britain has to look to the future and whatever it holds, it must remain united.