Cameron to stand down as MP

It appears to be an official goodbye to former Prime Minister David Cameron as he has announced he will resign as Member of Parliament for Witney.

Mr Cameron has represented the Oxfordshire constituency since 2001 before becoming Conservative leader in 2005 and Prime Minister in 2010. He resigned in June following the result of the European Referendum result and today insisted that he is standing down as an MP because he does not wish to be a “distraction” from Theresa May.

The timing of the 49-year-old’s announcement is interesting with many saying it is a snub at the government’s controversial plans to bring back grammar schools, a policy which he rejected during his time in office. Instead, he said the timing was purely coincidental.

It’s not an immediate farewell to the man who will be remembered for gambling his career and country on the EU referendum as the former PM will continue with his backbench duties until the next general election.