Blink 182, Korn, Bring Me the Horizon and many other acts from the rock and metal scene will be performing at the Hollywood Bowl in the US this October in tribute to Chester Bennington. Chester was the lead singer for metal/rap group Linkin Park but sadly took his own life in July. Our last Midweek Blues centred around their latest music video, which also paid tribute to the singer.

Acts have been confirming their participation on Twitter:

Chester was the frontman for the band for nearly 20 years. The band sold over 70 million albums across the globe, picking up two Grammy Awards along the way. They blended a variety of genres, from rap, metal, electronica, pop and hip-hop. Their last album only came out in May, two months before Chester took his life. It was reported that the death of his good friend Chris Cornell hit him hard, contributing to the issues he faced when it came to mental health.

His wife recently posted a photo, that was taken days before he took his life:

Tickets are on sale now and all sales will be donated to set up a fund in Chester’s memory.