Yes folks! Captain America Civil War has been released, and I was lucky enough to get in on opening night. After a weekend pondering it, it’s time to review possibly one of the biggest films this year. (Yes, there will be spoilers.)

It’s 1991, and Bucky (AKA The Winter Soldier) is being unfrozen from carbon sleep for a mission. We see him ride off on a motorcycle, and break a car down with a grenade. From this, he retrieves what looks like a serum. Super soldier stuff, perhaps…?

We then jump ahead to present day, with the New Avengers (Captain, Falcon, Black Widow, Scarlet Witch) kicking some heads in, somewhere in Nigeria. The person they’re after, Crossbones, is actually Brock Rumlow (played by Frank Grillo), who was horribly disfigured after the events of Winter Soldier.


From here, he attempts to blow him and Cap’ up, but is contained by Scarlet Witch, who ends up blowing a hole in a building, killing 11 people.

From here, the Sokovia Accords are brought forward by a defeated Tony Stark, tired of heroes being the cause of so much destruction. With some help from The Incredible Hulk’s (2008) General Ross (played by William Hurt), they bring the agreement to the team. The first half of the film feels like the aftermath of Age of Ultron, which we all expected.

The team is then split.

Iron Man, War Machine, Vision, and Black Widow are on one side. Captain America, Falcon, Scarlet Witch, and Hawkeye are on the other, with additions throughout the film.


Captain America is still trying to track down Bucky. But after being framed for an explosion at the UN, Bucky has more than one person tracking him down.

Black Panther (played by Chadwick Boseman), along with another tightly clad hero, earns his debut in the film, and sides with Tony, to bring justice to those who sided with Bucky.


That’s it. That’s the movie.

It’s from here that b**p starts to go down.

Captain disagrees with Tony, saying that if the government controlled heroes, it’d do more harm than good. We see a breakdown in their relationship, brought on by Tony’s fear of things getting out of control, and Steve’s knowledge of what happens when governments are given immense power.

Bucky, Falcon and Rogers are all caught by Black Panther and War Machine and branded as criminals.

Bucky is then interrogated by someone we assume works for government. But no. We learn that the man in question is Zemo, a genius with computers, who simply wishes to see the world crumble, after learning who Bucky really killed in 1991.

Zemo then tries to escape through the airport in Berlin, and this is where our two teams collide…

What happened next? Check out the next part!