Fairtrade Fortnight

Fairtrade Fortnight 2016 falls from the 29th February to the 13th March, and is a celebration of all things Fairtrade.

The event takes place every year, and sets out to raise awareness of the Fairtrade Foundation, which co-ordinates British contributions to the Fairtrade cause – that is, making sure that farmers all over the world get a fair price for their produce. This year, the focus of the event is “making your breakfast count”, in which organisations all over the country host Fairtrade breakfast events which use Fairtrade ingredients.

Staple breakfast ingredients are being targeted in this year’s campaign, including such famous Fairtrade products as bananas, cocoa, tea and coffee.

Although the Fairtrade Foundation has been criticised in previous years for not providing sufficient details to the volunteers taking part in the fortnight as to where the money they raise goes, this year’s campaign seems to have been successful so far, with volunteers and organisations filling the campaign’s website with tweets to #FairtradeFortnight and #YouEatTheyEat.