Fendi Fur Offends Again!

Animal lovers and animal rights activists are once again on high alert after Fendi broke the news that they will celebrate the brand’s 90th birthday with a second fur-filled couture runway show.

The high-end fashion brand, infamous for its luxurious fur coats and accessories, will be taking to the catwalk in Rome this Summer in celebration of 90 successful years in the fashion industry. Fashion legend and Fendi veteran Karl Lagerfeld dubbed the first ever couture Fendi show “haute fourure,” and this summer’s presentation is set to follow in its predecessors footsteps with a plethora of luxurious furs, minks and stoles. This year’s presentation is set to be bigger and better, despite the controversial nature of the fabrics and the deeply offended animal rights activists who shouted abuse at guests attending last year’s show.

It appears that Fendi will be well and truly embracing it’s furry roots for the upcoming show as Fendi CEO Pietro Beccari explained in a press release that the show would “express our roots and DNA while transmitting daring creativity and craftsmanship in furs.” PETA definitely is not going to be happy.