Food Review: Acropolis, Grainger Market

28 September 2020

By Lauren E. White


Greek food is absolutely all the rage at the moment. You can’t go two minutes on Instagram without seeing a kebab-like thing drowned in yoghurt. But I tell you what – once you’ve had one, you know why.

Acropolis in the Grainger Market is a relatively small but authentic Greek street-food-type joint offering a massive menu of meat and veggie/vegan options. From halloumi to a Dirty Greek (guess what I had…), there’s got to be something for everyone.

Service is super friendly and the food is prepared in front of you in their lovely blue Mykonos-inspired restaurant. The story of Acropolis is also worth mentioning: the brothers and their friend started the business from scratch and now serve authentic Greek food all over the North East. And now onto the food. Just wow.

The Dirty Greek is filled with chips, kebab meat, chicken and covered in the Acropolis special sauce and a Greek yoghurt. It’s absolutely gorgeous with flavours just cutting through every bite. And what tops it all off? A nice, ice-cold Fanta Lemon. Can’t beat it.

So, if you’re looking for a convenient place to go for a bite to eat that’s a little bit different, Acropolis is your place.

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