The estimated 30 homeless people who set up camp in an empty stock exchange building owned by Gary Neville and Ryan Giggs have been told they can stay for the winter.

The former football stars are renovating the building into a luxury hotel, but have told the homeless people that they can stay until February, when the renovation starts.

Wesley Hall, human rights activist, said he spoke to Neville on the phone, after he had spoken with a developer working on the site.

Neville said, “I’ve not got a problem with [them] staying here, look after the building, respect the actual building.”

“All it needs is someone to put a roof over their heads and give them a bit of support,” he said.

Wesley Dove, who has been homeless for the last 12 months and living in a tent, said: “It’s a beautiful building; now we know we can stay, we can start doing work. It is a bit of security for winter.”

So there we go: if that doesn’t warm the start of your week, we don’t know what will.